DSC 1966

Wellbeing Week

Our Wellbeing week takes place in February.  

The aim of this week is to raise the profile of wellbeing amongst the student and parent community.  The focus of assemblies and PSHE through out the school during this week will be on wellbeing and how to promote wellbeing amongst the student population.  

Information also will be available to parents about how they can best support their children during the examination season and beyond.

The timetable for the week is as follows:

Year 9 will be involved in a cross-curricular day looking at mental health and wellbeing from a within a variety of contexts, from mindfulness to considering how people within History and Literature have presented mental health, suffered from mental illness and achieved.  There will also be an opportunity to explore the brain and the way that it functions.

Year 10 will receive a talk on mental health issues from an external speaker on a variety of areas that affect young people.

Wednesday Evening:
The Sixth Form will be invited to attend a talk on wellbeing.

Year 11 will have a talk on ways to deal with exam pressure and the issues that they might face as emerging adults.

Thursday Evening:
Alicia Drummond will talk to parents about the difficulties of parenting a teenager with suggestions regarding support during the exam period.

A cross curricular journal will be launched exhibiting some of the best work of our students on the subject of wellbeing.

This is an exciting opportunity to enable our community to talk openly in a supportive environment about a wide range of mental health issues that directly affect many.